Fleece blankets are a great addition to any space. Comfortable, warm, and cosy, a plush fleece blanket provides the ultimate finishing touch in any bedroom, living room, or child’s room. After all, there’s nothing like getting wrapped up warm and snug in your favourite fleece blanket on a cold day. 

But, when it comes to keeping your fleece blanket clean and fresh, it can be difficult to know how to wash it, to ensure you don’t lose that super soft feel. This super-soft material can’t be washed in the same way as other blankets, such as those made from cotton. And, if you don’t wash them correctly, your fleece blanket could end up piling and losing its shape. 

Follow these simple steps to keep your fleece blankets clean, soft, and fresh.


Pretreat stains

If there are any stains or marks on your fleece blanket, it’s important to pretreat them before washing. To do this, simply apply a small amount of laundry detergent or mild washing liquid directly onto the stain. Allow it to soak in, before carefully dabbing with a cloth or piece of kitchen roll. Remember not to rub the stain as this could make it worse! 


Washing your fleece blanket 

Large Red Fleece ThrowOnce you’ve pretreated any stains or marks, it’s time to put your blanket into the wash. Wash on a lukewarm setting, with other fleece items of similar colours. Avoid washing your lovely white fleece blanket with darker fabrics in case they run. Likewise, if your throw blanket is a dark colour, avoid putting it in the washing machine with brighter, lighter colours. 

A top tip is to only wash your blankets with other fleece items. If you wash your fleece blanket with tougher fabrics, you could damage the fleece. Oh, and make sure the washer is on a delicate or gentle cycle – if the cycle is too strong, you might find your blanket knots or tangles as it washes. 

When cleaning your blanket, only use a small amount of washing liquid. If you use too much, it can get trapped in the fibres of the fabric and actually make your fleece feel less soft! 


Drying your fleece blanket 

Drying your fleece blanket is the final step, but it’s important you do it correctly if you want to keep your throw or blanket super soft and snuggly. If the weather allows, hang your blanket outside to dry. This will ensure you get the freshest, softest results. Of course, not everyone has the option to dry their washing outside. If this is the case, hang your fleece blanket inside or put them in the dryer on low heat, gentle cycle. 

If you use a dryer, make sure you remove your blanket as soon as the cycle stops. This will prevent creasing. Press the blanket out into its usual shape on a flat surface. And remember, never iron your fleece blanket – the heat from the iron will melt the fabric and leave marks on your fleece.