At Blanket Box, we don’t just supply quality throws, we want to make sure you get the most out of your purchase. Our award-winning family business always has your best interests at heart and is happy to share thoughts and previous experience to improve your home decor vision if you require it. Customers may have an idea of how they want to put their throw blankets over a sofa but seeing how others do it can inspire fresh ideas and alternative arrangements.

If you can’t decide which look is most suitable for your living room, you have come to the right place. Here, The Blanket Box team provides multiple examples to help trigger your imagination and be able to picture exactly what your sofa would look like. There is no reason this chic approach to having comfort on hand at all times cannot fit every home with a bit of care and attention.

Browse through our guide for some handy tips for a variation on how to put a throw on a sofa with style, elegance, and sophistication;

The Tidy/Neat Look

For a tidy, neat look, fold your throw lengthwise into thirds, and drape it over the back of the couch, so it comes down to the seating area, either in the centre of your sofa or off-centre, depending on the look you prefer. This elegant and sophisticated aesthetic requires precision, so make sure your folds are even and that you tuck in the throw behind your back sofa cushion to keep it securely in place. For this look to stay clean and chic, don’t overcrowd your couch with too many cushions.

Simple and Obvious

Sometimes there is no need to complicate things at home and you can achieve a lot by keeping your throw straightforward and easy to manage. The best way to do this is to simply drape the throw along the top of the back of your sofa, centralising it.

A common trick for deceiving the eye is to place the throw off-centre. Do not discount the classics, they are often your best friend. You could always choose to focus on one half of the couch. The ability to use cushions to reintegrate the two halve after splitting them is crucial. Without this, fitting a blanket that covers an entire half of the sofa only, just doesn’t work.

Contemporary Textures 

Mix throws with different textures and tosses them neatly to convey the casual look.

Take hold of the corner of a throw and casual drape it over the corner, adding cushions with multiple textures. Compliment your sofa, with an array of assorted throws, why just have one when you can have more! This is designed as another trick to keep people guessing and can give off a relaxed and accidentally stylish look which many find aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Over the Arm Look

A less formal look – you can make this style more casual by folding your throw lengthwise into thirds, and then having it in the other direction. This shorter throw can then be draped over the arm of the couch, and placed neatly where the fringe/tassels on the end deserve an artful drape to show off!

Decorating with Colours 

What’s your throw colour….

If your room is neutral, why not add shades of beiges/fawns/neutral throws to embrace your décor with calming earth tones. As well as matching throws to your room décor, you can use contrasting colours or a monochromatic scheme whereby the throws and cushions are lighter or darker shades of the same colour.

Or simply go bold!

A Little Bit Different

If you are still struggling with ideas as to what or how to style your throw, you could always go for the simple look of rolling your throws up and placing them in an upright basket for your guests to pick and snuggle up on the sofa with.

There is no right or wrong way with how you put a throw on your sofas and you must do what feels right for you. Experiment with the different techniques and finished aesthetics before settling down. There is no harm in mixing things up. You may find that if you rotate your throws while one is in the wash, for example, a certain style looks good with one throw and another matches a separate throw even better than the original.

Paying particular attention to detail will assist you to set the tone of your room decor with the help of the blanket. This guide has hopefully been able to shed some light on the practicality of these ascent pieces. The more you learn about textures, colours, and patterns, your style and technique will develop and evolve naturally with your taste of throw and how you apply it to get the most out of this important home decor accessory in each room.