Our journey to creating Blanket Box has evolved from three generations of a love affair with textiles, and it’s a story that we would love to share with you.

Let’s rewind 60yrs to where this unexpected journey began…It took place at Earlstown market (Lancashire) where my grandfather (Frank) along with his daughter, my mum (Val) were in strong competition with my father (Graham) selling fabrics!! On putting their competitiveness aside they joined forces not only in business but also in marriage. From then onwards my grandparents and parents created various outlets based throughout the northwest…Warrington/ St Helen’s / Wigan / Bolton and eventually Blackpool.

As their family grew so did their reputation for supplying the public with dress and curtain textiles to furnishing hotels/pubs and restaurants. Throughout our journey, family & friends would often get together to share our love of Al Fresco. It was during one of these outdoor family occasions that my youngest daughter exclaimed “Mum I’m cold!”. Within a flash, a family member produced 2/3 blankets for various members of the party.

From that moment I felt it was high time once again to share our family’s passion for fabrics in the form of blankets and throws. Therefore we here at Blanket Box hope that you will find some comfort in our extensive range. So please feel free to begin your journey around Blanket Box.